The Errant Shack – Warren Smith

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Warren Smith exposes the fallacies and deceit of the New Age movement and the dangers of allowing books such as “Purpose Driven”, “The Shack”, “The Message”, etc. into our churches.

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Great Lakes Prophecy Conference

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End Times ProphecyThere is a present drive in many churches to find new ways of attracting a broad cross-section of our culture. Born of the idea that the Church needs to “reinvent itself” to accommodate the Post-Modern mindset.

Do these new ideas really bring something new or is it another facet of last days delusions, attempting to draw people away from sound Biblical teaching and the importance of prophecy in Scripture?

The Great Lakes Prophecy Conference addresses America in Prophecy, The New Age Movement influencing the Church, and current events in Israel, the Middle East and the World from a prophetic perspective.

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Last Days Deception

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Location: Lima, Ohio

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