David Hocking David Hocking

David has been a pastor and Bible teacher for over 40 years. He has authored over... 

John Higgins John Higgins

Pastor John Higgins, Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Tri-City, Tempe, Arizona, has... 

Bill Koenig Bill Koenig

Bill is the president of “Koenig’s International News”, an internet... 

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Featured Studies

Israel News Update 2015 Israel News Update 2015

The Middle East is changing on a daily basis. Who are the major players and what... 

In The Days Of Noah In The Days Of Noah

We will start at creation and trace the human race from Adam and Eve through the... 

A New Look At Who’s Who In The Zoo A New Look At Who’s Who In The Zoo

With all that is prophetically going on in this generation, this video takes a close... 

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Bible Study Sets

Rapture Series Rapture Series

Many Christians today struggle with the idea of the Rapture of the Church. Is it a true doctrine? Or is it just a false hope presented by the church? Will the decisions you make today be correct as tomorrow unfolds? The choice you make determines one of two destinies. One leads to Redemption; the other to Judgment. This Bible College Class seeks to... [Read more of this review]

From Beginning to End From Beginning to End

In this day when spiritual apostasy seems to be gaining ground. When Christian books are expounding principles that are not Biblical, we need to stop and take inventory of what we really believe. This conference is a must for it is based upon the predetermined will of God, as revealed in His Holy Word. We will be reviewing God’s plan from the beginning... [Read more of this review]

Inerrancy Of The Word Inerrancy Of The Word

We need God’s pure Word more than ever for reassurance and truth in these troubling times. But God’s Word has been retranslated and paraphrased by the post-modern church to the point that it is difficult if not impossible to recognize it for what it once was. And as a result the Bible has lost it’s position of being God’s Enduring... [Read more of this review]

Jerusalem: Past Present Future Jerusalem: Past Present Future

Location: Tempe, AZ Jerusalem – Past, Present, Future Jerusalem is the most significant city in the world – biblically, historically and prophetically. Join us as we study the city of Jerusalem in propehcy – past, present and future. Biblically, Jerusalem is the only city in the world that God said that HE would write HIS name upon.... [Read more of this review]

The Hope That Is Set Before Us The Hope That Is Set Before Us

The past few years have brought major transformations for many of us and for those we love. Wars, bankruptcy, foreclosure, unemployment and much more fill the news reports. We have come to a realization that we do not have all the answers. There was a time in our lives when it appeared as though we had all the answers (or so we thought). Our world... [Read more of this review]

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