Rapture Series

rapture study

Many Christians today struggle with the idea of the Rapture of the Church. Is it a true doctrine? Or is it just a false hope presented by the church?

Will the decisions you make today be correct as tomorrow unfolds? The choice you make determines one of two destinies. One leads to Redemption; the other to Judgment.

This Bible College Class seeks to discover what the Word of God has to say about the Rapture and Redemption of the Church. This informative study will help unravel the past and prepare you to make a decision today that will determine your future.

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In The Days Of Noah

We will start at creation and trace the human race from Adam and Eve through the Flood. For Adam was the figure of Christ (Romans 5:14). From Jesus through our present day things have changed just as they did from Adam to Noah’s day. Jesus told us that society would take on the shape of Noah’s generation before His Second Coming. Let’s look and see.

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The Fig Tree

The Fig Tree is spoken of is spoken of in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 as Jesus presents The Olivet Discourse. This study examines all three versions of Jesus’ teachings. A short video of The Summer of 2013 Midwest Youth Revival Outreach is included in this video.

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Just a Reminder of Justification by Grace

Romans 5 Justification By GraceWhile many of today’s speakers seem to feel that the Word of God needs to be “repackaged” this is a simple reminder of God’s wonderful Justification by Grace. Let us not lose sight of this simple truth in all of the struggles that we face daily. Discover what the Lord has promised us in Pastor John’s study from Romans 5.

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From Beginning to End

In this day when spiritual apostasy seems to be gaining ground. When Christian books are expounding principles that are not Biblical, we need to stop and take inventory of what we really believe. This conference is a must for it is based upon the predetermined will of God, as revealed in His Holy Word. We will be reviewing God’s plan from the beginning to the end. The lovers of the truth will be refreshed as they examine themselves in light of God’s plans for His creation. The lukewarm believer will find the infallible proof of a literal creation, the fall of man, the corruption of society and the world wide flood.

The covenants with Abraham and Moses will be explored and thereby establish God’s continuing call to Israel. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus, our Messiah will lay the foundation for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Body of Christ, His church. We will explore the corruption of the church as satan moved to destroy what God has planed. We will see the intervention of God through His Word being put into the hands of every believer. We will watch as the infallible Word of God is attacked by the introduction of liberal Bibles that bring change into the unchangeable.

The Hope of the Church will be reviewed and studied. The three and one half year reign of the anti-christ will studied as we wrap up the conference. Our last, but not in any way the least session, will be a deep look into the completed covenants and the eternal future of Jesus and His Church.

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